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  • Why "Viced Rhino?"  What does it mean?"
    It mostly means that I am bad at coming up with usernames. I have, in the past, used anagram generators to create a username for myself. In this case, I decided that since I would be opposing creationist material, I thought it would be appropriate to have my channel name be an anagram of a creationist's name. Eric Hovind was the first lucky contestant to have his name typed into the anagram generator, and I liked Viced Rhino so much that I didn't have to type a second creationist name in.
  • What is a group of rhinos called?
    A group of rhinos is called a crash.
  • Who is the lady at the beginning of your videos?
    That is Alex Kingston, who plays Professor River Song on Doctor Who. Her character is not in every episode, but when she does show up, her opening line is often "Hello sweetie."
  • Who is the artist for your avatar/logo/baby rhinos?
    My artist goes by the name Furry Skeptic, and can be found on youtube here:
  • How much brain power do rhinos have?
    Relative to their body sizes, rhinos actually have rather small brains. This is incredibly useful when it comes to seeing things from the creationist perspective.
  • Where do you get your backgrounds?
    I primarily use a vimeo channel called beeple. I always leave a link in the description to my source for the background, so if I am using something else it will be there.
  • Were you ever religious?  Which religion/denomination?
    Yes, I was. I grew up in the United Church of Canada. I was an odd breed of Christian in that I was raised in a very moderate church with a very moderate mother and an atheist father, but I ended up becoming a young Earth creationist. My view was that if god were all powerful, then surely he could make his instruction book to humanity say whatever he wanted it to say, and it would be uncorruptable, so it would make sense in whatever language it was translated into. Therefore, when it says that he created the world in six days, that's what it meant. It didn't take long for me to find the accounts of people having added up the ages of all the people given in the bible, and coming to the conclusion that the Earth is only a few thousand years old. It didn't help that I attended a Christian high school, of the Brethren in Christ denomenation. I don't think the BIC church is officially YEC, but a number of my teachers at the high school definitely were - notably a geography teacher who was almost everyone's favourite teacher would often insert comments into his lessons about things like the ice canopy pre-flood model. When I graduated high school and went off on my own, I ended up at a pentecostal church for several years. I left that church when the pastor started a sermon series on why giving money to the church is important, and made it clear that he wouldn't stop the series until everyone in the congregation was tithing. It was a very small church with only a dozen or so members, and clearly he was just worried about his own income, but after week 7 of being guilted and shamed into giving (which we were already doing), I had had enough. I ended up back in a BIC church, which felt more comfortable. This was the church I attended until I came to terms with atheism and stopped attending all together.
  • How big can rhinos get?
    All five rhino species can weigh over 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs). The white rhino can weigh over 3,500 kg (7,700 lbs). This makes them the second largest land mammal after elephants.
  • Do you do YouTube full time?
    No. I currently work as a server in a restaurant. YouTube is, at this point, what will keep me from having to collect EI for the winter. EI, for those of you who don't know, is Employment Insurance. It's one of the wonderful benefits of living in a country with a social safety net. Every employee in Canada pays an EI premium that is deducted from their paycheck. In return, should you lose you job, you can collect EI for several months so that you can continue doing important things (like eating) while you search for another job. People with seasonal work will often take a layoff for the slow season so they can collect EI.
  • What equipment/software do you use to make videos?
    My PC: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 32 GB DDR4 Ram EVGA RTX 3080 graphics card Shure SM7B Microphone Zoom Podrak P8 mixer/interface And for software: Audio recording/editing: Adobe Audition Video editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
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